SU: Synopsis for upcoming Episodes

Episodes 13 – 26

So Many Birthdays
Episode 13 

Steven the Sword Fighter
Episode 14
Pearl tries to teach Steven the art of sword-fighting using a holographic version of himself.

Steven, Lars and the Cool Kids
Episode 15 

Coach Steven
Episode 16
After seeing Garnet and Amethyst fuse together into the powerful Sugilite – Steven becomes determined to get super strong.

Lion 2: The Movie
Episode 17
Steven and Connie try to ride the Lion to the movie theater but Lion has other ideas.

Onion Trade
Episode 18
A boy trade between Steven and Onion escalates to epic proportions.

Rose’s Room
Episode 19
Steven’s desire for some alone time unlocks a new room in the Temple that answers his every wish.

Beach Party
Episode 20
After a battle damages Fish Stew Pizza, Steven throws a cookout at the Temple to mend the relationship between Pizza family and the Crystal Gems.

Steve and the Stevens
Episode 21
Steven needs a musical partner for an upcoming show, and uses a time travel device to recruit the perfect bandmate, HIMSELF!

An Indirect Kiss
Episode 22
When Amethyst cracks her gemstone, Steven and the Crystal Gems go on a mission to heal her.

Monster Buddies
Episode 23
Steven accidentally releases a monster from a gem bubble and attempts to tame its wild, violent instincts.

Joking Victim
Episode 24
When Lars pawns off all his work on Sadie, Steven helps out by working a shift at the Big Donut.

Mirror Gem
Episode 25
Steven befriends a magical mirror that can mysteriously communicate with him.

Ocean Gem
Episode 26 (Season Finale)
The Ocean disappears on the first day of summer and Beach City is in a panic.

[The synopsis of the episodes 13 and 15 are still unknown. This post will be updated to add the missing synopsis].